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Sunday, March 4, 2012

What Would My 3D World be with LG Optimus 3D

Happy English Day Folks.

I lost my nanny a year ago. All i regret is not having with her as much as i can. What sucks is that, the regret is continuously growing since i don't even have her photo when she was alive. All i care was to take photo of myself.

What she and my camera have in common is that, they both take my picture. What a selfish me. But now I do regret for not capturing photos of herself. Well, serve me damn right huh?

All i ever wanted now is to keep her memory with me. Thankfully i still can remember her very beautifully wrinkly-faced-look in my mind. But how about my childrens?

What am i going to show to them about their ancestor?

Well, let the pass stays in the pass. There is nothing i can do to undo whatever things that had done.

Luckily Nuffnang open a bright chance for me to redeem my mistake by offering the latest LG Optimus 3D with 3D camera function. 3G is so last millennium folks. Lets make a way for the 3D technology to develop.

I think, even Steve Job is dying to see this if he still alive.

The best thing is, you don't have to wandering around with the stupid 3D glass. Double awesome.

This is the phone I'm talking about. It comes with a sleek design, smart look with many functions, plus comes with Android. Who wouldn't want that?

So what would my 3D world be with LG optimus 3D?

I am certain that i will capture whatever happy moments of my family and friends with it. What else can i ask for? Its in 3D.

So lets imagine how 3D image of my family looks like. 

Madness cool right?


I love my family, a lot. But we are not quite seen each other often. Two of my siblings is now studying abroad. Even my younger brother is 10,000 miles away from me.

Seeing them freakingly loading on skype or yahoo messenger sometimes potong stim. Its funny when we supposedly laughing together, but we often end up arguing. Thanks for the crystal lag of the low quality videos. The buffer sometimes seems like waiting for a millennium to load. Lovely. 

The only way to keep them closer to me is by seeing them 3D-ly in my LG Optimus 3D Android smart phone. God please send me one 3D phone. Hehe.

It is a blessing to have videos of my siblings rather than skype-ing. URGH hate the word skype-ing. 

I can watch them whenever i wanted to, without have to ask them to go online in the middle of their night.

Another best way to spent my time with the LG Optimus 3D is by camwhoring out of myself. I rather keep my potrait in 3D as well as capturing video with it. So that if  I never around in this world, my family and friends still can feel my existence. I know someone will definitely cry over me after i pass away some day. Walawei, so perasan la you.

So, this is the best gift for them as i will feel very the same way if i can have my nanny's 3D photos and videos of herself.


Friends, all i wanted is to see you guys as real as possible near me. For me, this phone is not just a gift, but it represents my love towards my love one. To have all my friends' 3D face in my phone is my ultimate dream.
People always go for brand when it comes to phones. But i thought, it just doesn't needed.
Pop the cliches, go for LG smartphones. Rare means awesome.
Let's review the specifications.

To know more and more about LG Optimus 3D smartphone, Kindly click this link.



  1. puyoohhh kagum maknang. semoga berjaya dapat. amin~ lau xdpt nnt aku belikan..haha

  2. haha..jnji ni?aku claim nnti ek..hehe..

    jenoh nk pikir ayat bi.mklum la dah bekarat2 da.doa la bnyk2,xyah ko lanje fon nnti..hehe

  3. amboi kemain pulun tepek gambaq letak kt screen tu.

    harap2 dapat la noh :)

  4. amin..enset pon dah meninggal dah due minggu lepas.tu yang pulun tempek2 gambar kt screen tu..haha..

  5. hhahahha..tu gambar semua tu saje mencapub an,,,ngeh3

  6. anim:harus lehhh..tau sbb ape aku buat wordless sunday tu?sbb aku tak mahu orang tengok entri ni la.biasenye dorang akn tengok yang latest update je.sbb malu ah nk menjual..haha..tapi kne gak buat entri ni.nk masok contest kn..

  7. okay ini entri layak menang okay..doakan kau menang fon tu..




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